Training Differently

April 8, 2020

Pilots for new technology commence for business-critical competencies


Caption: Signaller training in action

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, new training courses and technology are being introduced to help colleagues develop and maintain key competencies to keep freight and passenger services operating safely. 

Work is underway to design, develop and deliver contingent training for business-critical competencies and initial training for those colleagues stepping into new roles. Training plans vary across the network. For region specific information visit our coronavirus response page.

Despite the challenging circumstances, critical training has continued to be delivered and new forms of training are being explored such as virtual classroom technology, eLearning and video software.

Virtual classrooms:

Looking ahead, we are hoping to create a live classroom experience that could come in many guises, from instructor-led virtual learning with interactive tools, to personalised long distance learning and digital simulation. 'Blended solutions' are another option that seamlessly package together several types of online and offline training to ensure colleagues have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to perform their roles safely.

For more information on how we're working to explore and pilot new courses and technology, Network Rail colleagues can read the full article on MyConnect.