COVID-19: an update from Training

March 23, 2020

Training news and key priorities in response to the coronavirus


Caption: Network Rail Training's development centre in Walsall

Network Rail Training has launched a new dedicated COVID-19 response page​ and FAQ which enables routes, regions and functions to access the latest training news and information for their area. This information can be accessed by Network Rail colleagues anytime at work or at home, using any device.

The first port of call for colleagues:

The new COVID-19 web page should be the first port of call for all colleagues due to attend training. The page lists the safeguards being implemented at training centres to mitigate risk and the me​asures being taken to adhere to guidance on social distancing. The situation is being monitored hourly and, as such, the page is designed to keep colleagues informed of the current state of play.

Instant answers to training queries:

The FAQ page has been developed based on the most common queries received by the training team amid the coronavirus outbreak, allowing colleagues to find instant answers to their training queries.

Critical training: 

In light of the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent Government guidance on social distancing, Network Rail Training has been working closely with business leaders to identify the critical training needed to keep freight and passenger services moving. All training plans are designed and approved by our customers (i.e. each route, region and function) and as such, we’re committed to delivering the training they ask of us in order to operate a safe railway. Safeguards are in place to ensure the safety of our colleagues and these can be viewed on the COVID-19 webpage.

Network Rail colleagues can view the full news article detailing our key focus areas in response to the challenges posed by coronavirus on the Route Services MyConnect